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Refund Policy/Cancellation Form

Refunds and credits are subject to $125.00 processing fee regardless of any circumstances or cancellation dates.

If canceling between the dates listed with a valid medical reason including a doctor’s note a credit maybe issued for next year:

Vancouver (Feb 11th -March 11th)

Chicago (March 1st -March 31st)

Las Vegas (March 18th – April 17th).

If canceling on or after the dates listed below, no refunds or credits will be issued for any circumstances 

Vancouver (March 12th)

Chicago (April 1st)

Las Vegas (April 18th).

All cancellations must complete our cancellation form 

 Dates/Times Subject to change

All cancellations must complete our cancellation form found below 

*Please note, the above refund policy was agreed too and signed at the time of registration*