Global LV Postponed till 2021

by Taylor Henderson

July 6th 

*All Orleans booking have been cancelled as of July 7th*

Global LV officially postponed till 2021 due to federal/state/county restrictions on gathering/group size, social distancing requirements during on-ice activities, competition, continued travel restrictions, coaching restrictions and spectator limitations (Scouts and family) preventing the camp from operating. 

This is the first time in 30 years a Global camp has had to be postponed but the health and safety of you our customers, and our staff is the upmost importance, as well as keeping our high camp standards.

Global LV has been a tradition for many years and continually sells out very quickly. We understand many players look forward to the opportunities Global provides, but with some patience, we will have great 2021 camp ready for you to come back too and will work even harder to provide a great camp experience. With missing most of spring and summer hockey in 2020, which is prime time for coaches to be out on the recruiting trails and forthcoming budget restrictions, 2021 Global camps will be even more important to players, Global will be even more important to be seen and mentored by the coaches that attend.

As we gear up for 2021 from these unprecedented times, Global is committed to providing players the best opportunities/education in hockey and we will continue to do that into the future. As our great sport changes and adopts during this pandemic, 2021 will bring many exciting opportunities for players, and Global will be at the forefront at bringing those opportunities to you through our camps and clinics.

Please do not forget to cancel your hotel bookings at the Orleans/Suncoast 

*Please read all the information below*

Global is providing participants with the following three options.

All participants are required to complete the postponement form in 7 days.

  • · After 7 days, participants that have not completed the form will be issued a credit voucher for the LV camp fee less the agreed processing fee of $175-valid for any future Global camp and is non-transferable.

Click here to complete our postponement form and select one your options from below.

Participant options

  1. Automatically re-enroll into 2021 camp.
    • Guarantees your spot for 2021 camp. No additional charges, No hassle entry.
    • Dates are TBD, but we are expected to be similar to the original dates.
      1. If you cannot attend in 2021, you can revert to option 2 below at any-time.
    • Global accepts players that are Junior eligible, i.e. up to and including 20 years of age at camp.
  2. Full credit to any future Global Camp
    • Transferable, no expiry date
  3. Refund less agreed too processing fee of $175 (+175 credit-see below)
    • The processing fee amount can be used towards to any future Global camp as a credit and is transferable with no expiry. This is above the agreed too refund policy.
    • “Refunds and credits are subject to $175.00 processing fee regardless of any circumstances”.
    • The processing fee was clearly illustrated multiple times prior to registration, agreed too, signed, executed, and documented during registration.
    • while a lot of camps are only offering credits. We hope those who select this option understand that great financial costs have been incurred and will continue to be incurred for 2020 camps and why a processing fee exist for all participants, not just during this pandemic but all the times. There are some costs that are simply unavoidable for small businesses like Global (including such as marketing/recruiting, office, utilities and telecommunications, wages for full-time/part staff, administrative service, website hosting, registration system, ice deposit, jerseys, non-refundable payment processing fee, accounting/bookkeeping, banking charges etc.) and this why a processing fee exist for all Global camps and is common amongst sports camps that operate privately outside of government funded entities such as municipalities, institutions or Sport/league Associations.
    • As you can understand from the above, it takes a full year of planning for our staff, heavy up-front associated unrecoverable costs, as well as being in a sport that has some of the highest expenditures compared to other sports to put on these events, making full refunds simply undoable and why a processing fee is included at all times to all participants.
    • This option could take 15-60 days. We may issue the refund directly back to original form, or via PayPal transfer to the email your registered with or via mailed cheque. We do everything we can to make this process expedient and get you the refund asap.

Global is looking forward to 2021 and continuing our path of being the best attended camps for junior and college coaches.

Attention Global Las Vegas Participants

Global Vegas Date Changed August 3-6 

Global has decided officially moved the Global Las Vegas to August 3-6.

Global is committed to run Global Las Vegas in 2020 and provide the best experience for our players and families, as well our coaching staff, who have shown continued desire to come out on the ice and on the benches with players.

We are currently working the Orleans on how to handle your bookings. We will provide another update in the coming days. Please do not change or call in at this moment to make any changes.

April 16th 

Global has updated the amount of credit from $240 to $310 for the below from our previous letter. Please note the 4 weeks still apply. 

This new amount reflects the camp fee less our processing at checkout (please refer to refund policy).

· If you elect not to attend due to the alternative dates being implemented, we will provide a $240 dollar credit to be used for any future Global Camp, provided notice is given to Global at least 4 weeks prior to the event. Credit are not transferable.

April 7th,2020 

Attention Global LV Participants

Given the current situation, Global has decided in the best interest for all parties to officially move the Global Las Vegas July 27-30

We feel it is important to the program to make this change earliest as possible. If further alternative dates are required, we will provide further updates.

Please refer to our previous letters for details about registration policies

March 30,  2020 

Attention Global Las Vegas Participants

Global Las Vegas is scheduled to continue June 22-25

Alternative Date: July 27-30

*We will provide further updates on June 1*

The purpose of this email is to update you as to the current status of our camps. Currently, Global Las Vegas plans to operate as normally scheduled. However, due to the recent government restrictions placed on businesses due to the COVID-19 issue, we have scheduled an alternate date for the camp, if needed. We wanted to get the alternative dates to you as quickly possible so you can enter them into your calendars.

While the camp is scheduled, Global may institute policies that may lead to parents not being able to enter the area or limiting the number of parents and cancelling seminars. Please follow the guidelines issued by Centre for Disease Control for signs/symptoms and self-isolation.

In the event the alternative dates are required, Global will be rescheduling the camp for July 27-30. If further alternative date is needed, we will make all attempts to do it in a timely manner so our coaches, staff, players and parents can make the proper arrangements. We are committed to make sure we provide the best camp as possible during these trying times.

Global is committed to run Global Las Vegas in 2020 and provide the best experience for our players and families.

The original refund/cancellation policy will stay in place (please refer to our website). As per our waiver and website at the time of registration, dates and times are subject to change, however Global has extended the following additions that support participants further during the current scheduled and alternative event dates.

· If the camp is scheduled to run on any dates and for a reason of a personal medical issue (verification required) that limits your personal attendance (Parent or Player), we will provide full credit for next year and the amount of camp can be applied to any future camps.

· If you elect not to attend due to the alternative dates being implemented, we will provide a $240 dollar credit to be used for any future Global Camp, provided notice is given to Global at least 4 weeks prior to the event. Credit are not transferable.

· Global will allow campers to transfer to any of our other camps without any processing/cancellation fees.

· Global will also allow any player to transfer his spot to any non-currently registered players of their choosing, if the incoming new player plays the same positions/age clarification and proper forms are completed without any penalty.

We will provide further updates on June 1.