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Global Sports has been operating as a family- owned and operated company for 28 years. We have seen many changes in hockey, but one thing has remained constant and that is our commitment to provide players the best opportunity to advance their hockey aspirations by providing them with the proper knowledge, improving overall skills and understanding of the different routes hockey offers.  

Our Global Camps have grown tremendously. Many young players have entered universities and colleges on scholarships. Others have gone on to play at the major junior and professional levels. 24 years ago we started our first Global Camp, working with 90 players. Now, we are reaching out and helping over 1,000 young hockey players every year.

Global has three core values around which we have built our organization:

Parents and players will have fun attending our Camps. We have picked great locations where families are always welcome to watch (NO ENTRANCE FEE), and enjoy the great cities where Global events are held. Global commits substantial time in our seminars to providing you with information which will assist your family in making an informed decision on where to send your son for continuation of his hockey career. Hockey is not a race. Take your time, do your research, then make the best decision with your son for his future. It takes good information to make good decisions. Parents, you get to see your son play all year. While we are pleased to have you watch him compete at Global Hockey Camps, we encourage you to take the time to attend our seminars, as it will help in the decision making process for you and your son.


Players and parents will receive vital information on possible hockey developmental opportunities and general advice on the different routes. Players and parents will have the opportunity to speak with an Educational Advisor on our staff. He will assist by answering your questions about education and eligibility requirements for the NCAA Clearinghouse, as well other education requirements.  Global also provides the opportunity to ask questions of our  coaches during our seminars in regards to College hockey.


Players will gain vital information on their unique skill sets and will gain information that will help in their development. Coaches attending Global events are there to assist you in your skill development process as well as to give you valuable information. 


The best advice we can give to players about their hockey careers is that there is one guarantee in the sport, and that is that there is no guarantee. Try not to put all of your eggs in one basket! Have a backup plan. Many promises that are made in hockey do not seem to be fulfilled. It is our hope that, regardless of who you are, where you are from or which teams you have played on, you will remember the importance of good education. And you will remember that hockey is supposed to be fun.

Have a good season and we hope to see you in Chicago, Vancouver or Las Vegas.

-Global Staff